updated on December 8th, 2016

Ongoing and accepted projectsPI NameUNIstatus
Hydrogen, halogens, carbon, oxygen and nitrogen in metamorphic environmentsL. BaumgartnerUNILstarted since July 2014
Age and crystallization duration of Alpine cleft monazite and correlation with tectonically driven hydrothermal dissolution/precipitation eventsC Bergemann/ E.GnosUNIGEstarted in July 2015
Geochemical and mechanic mechanism of hydrothermal vein formation in roof pendents of the Bergel intrusionL. BaumgartnerUNILstarted in August 2015
Mechanism of hydrothermal alteration of feldspars with surface waters at Rico, Colorado.L. Baumgartner / P. LarsonUNIL/foreignstarted in September 2015
Mechanism of hydrothermal alteration of quartz during core complex formation and fluid flow direction(s) during movement(s)L. Baungartner / R. GottardiUNIL/foreignstarted in September 2015
Experimental determination of carbon partitioning and isotope fractionation between metal- and silicate meltsM. SchmidtETHZstarted in January 2015
Ion Microprobe analysis of Boron, oxygen and hydrogen isotopes in hydrothermal systemsA. Dini/ L. FontbotéUNIGE/foreigndevelopment done in 2015
Tourmaline isotope composition (H, B, O, Sr) in orogenic gold veins of the Val-d’Or district Canada: tracking fluid evolution during precipitation of gold mineralizationG Beaudoin / L. FontbotéUNIGE/foreignstarted in February 2015
d7Li in garnetB. Dragovicforeignin development since March 2015
Development of Ag isotopesD. Marschallforeignin development since July 2015
Oxygen isotopes in zircon (and titanite) from high MgO basaltic dikes from AdamelloO. MuntenerUNILsample preparation
Chronology of the Early Solar SystemK. MezgerUNIBEstarted in January 2016
Trace elements and H2O in glass inclusions in minerals from volcanic productsL. CaricchiUNIGEsample preparation
Stable isotopes in MI from the Higashi-Izu monogenic volcano group: new insights for a better understanding of monogenic volcanoes.A.S. Bouvier / L. BaumgartnerUNILstarted in January 2016
Oxygen and sulfur isotopes in melt inclusions of the Izu-Bonin-Mariana island arcP. Brandl  / O. MuntenerUNIL/foreignaccepted, spring 2015
Using sulfur isotopic variability in compositionally zoned apatite and texturally zoned haüyne to understand gas transfer processes at Tenerife Volcano, Canary Islands, SpainL. Cooper / O. BachmannETHZaccepted, spring 2015
Oxygen isotope analyses of conodontsNN / T. VennemannUNILaccepted, spring 2015
Oxygen isotope analyses of monaziteU. SchalteggerUNIGEaccepted, spring 2015
The role of melt composition and structure on the partitioning of anions and volatiles between coexisting immiscible silicate liquidsP. UlmerETHZaccepted, spring 2015
Understanding the generation of low-δ18O magmas: an experimental approachO. BachmannETHZscheduled for February 2017
Experimental calibration of zircon-quartz fractionationL. BaumgartnerUNILaccepted, spring 2015
Iron Isotope analyses of various rock samplesJ. Marin CarbonneSt. Etiennestarted in April 2016
QuantiCarb@SpringEva De BoererUNIFRstarted in May 2016
Melt inclusions in zircons: improving the accuracy of the 230Th disequilibrium correction of high-precision U-Pb datesU. SchalteggerUNIGEaccepted, spring 2016
Understanding eruptive and post-eruptive processes in rhyolites via lithiumBen ElisETHZaccepted, spring 2016
C and N isotopic ratios in diamondL. CartierSSEFscheduled for January 2017
Cl + O isotopes as a fluid tracer in a retrograde-metamorphosed eclogitesL. BaumgartnerUNILscheduled for December 2016
Carbon isotope fractionation during seismic slip in natural dolomitic fault rocksJ. Millervisiting res. UNILaccepted, spring 2016
 d11B in tourmaline and micasL. Baumgartnerstarted in April 2016
Zircon inclusions in untreated blue sapphiresS. SchmidtUNIGEaccepted, spring 2016
Monazite-allanite in low-grade metamorphic rocks of Torres del PaineS. SchmidtUNIGEaccepted, spring 2016
Isotope composition of brine in the continental collision zonesD. RubattoUNIBEaccepted, fall 2016
U-Pb dating of Alpine eclogites and granulitesD. RubattoUNIBEscheduled for February 2017
Oxygen isotopes in garnet to track fluids in subductionD. RubattoUNIBEaccepted, fall 2016
Oxygen isotopes in garnet to track fluids in subduction and mantleD. RubattoUNIBEaccepted, fall 2016
Chlorine isotopes in melt inclusions from Baffin IslandE. TomlinsonDublinscheduled for January 2017
Tourmaline Sector Growth thermometryB. Dutrowvisiting res. UNILaccepted, fall 2016
 Boron isotope systematics and B metasomatism in a shallow graniticP. Nabelekvisiting res. UNILaccepted, fall 2016
Water in nominally anhydrous mineralsJ. HermannUNIBEaccepted, fall 2016
Nitrogen partitioning in metal vs. silicate melt during core-mantle differentiationM. SchmidtETHZscheduled for January 2017