New SwissSIMS proposal application form

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Principal Investigator (PI) Name
Name of the researcher responsible for the funding
Researcher or student who will be directly involved in the measurements
If relevant, images of samples, BSE maps, compositional maps (EPMA maps, CL images…) can be send separately to swissims’at’
What are the expected SIMS results in the light of these hypothesis (eg, values > than X would mean such process, or range of values > than Y would mean such other process …)
Required analysis
Multiple choice allowed
Please specify which mineral(s) or glass(es) should be analysed If you checked “other” in Requiered analysis, please specify here
Please specify here if you have in possession reference material(s) for the requiered analysis, or if there are some available at UNIL. Specify the name of the reference(s) material(s)
Please specify here ALL these info: 1- the type of mounts (epoxy vs. indium), 2- numbers of mounts, 3- the needed spatial resolution (in microns), 4- the precision needed for your working hypothesis and 5- the total number of analysis of each types of analysis (i.e., if your proposal include more than one type of analysis, specify the total number of measurements for analysis type 1, then for type 2 and so on)
Whe are the samples expected to be ready? Please justify in case of urgent need — (!! Be aware that samples need to be ready before scheduling analysis time at the SwissSIMS. !! Waiting time for SIMS session is usually 2-3 months) —
Did you already or do you plan to collect any other data relevant to the project prior to the SIMS analyses?
Mailing list options
Calls for proposals are usually send twice per year. SIMS Zoom meeting take place on Thursday, early afternoon, usually every two weeks