The SwissSIMS is an ion probe national facility equipped with a CAMECA IMS 1280HR instrument. The facility is established to grant priority access to the Swiss research community, notably in the Earth sciences. Our instrument is used for high spatial resolution in-situ elemental and isotopic spot analysis.

Access requests to the instruments are made by submitting a SwissSIMS proposal, which can be downloaded here. It is strongly advised to discuss the proposal with at least one SwissSIMS staff member before submission. Proposals are reviewed twice a year by a steering committee which will select and prioritize the received proposals.


The SwissSIMS was co-financed by the Swiss National Science Foundation for Research (SNF), and the Universities of Lausanne, Geneva, and Bern, together with the ETH of Zurich. The 1280HR ion probe was delivered late August 2012 and installation completed in December 2012.

The SwissSIMS facility is part of the Center for Advanced Surface Analysis (CASA) platform (UNIL/EPFL).