updated on December April 25th, 2018

  Projects Affiliation Statut
Adatte d11B forams UNIL started (2017)
Bloch d18O albite UNIL started (2017)
Bloch Depth profiling UNIL started (2017)
Bouvier d37Cl MI UNIL done (2017)
Caulfield d37Cl and halogen apatites Dublin done (2017)
Davies d18O zircons UNIGE started (2017)
Dutrow d18O + d11B tourmaline visiting res. started (2017)
Ellis d7Li in various minerals ETHZ started (2017)
Fichtner C in melt and metal ETHZ done (2017)
Flemetakis d37Cl and halogen in MI Münster started (2017), done (2018)
Hermann Water NAMs UNIBE ongoing (2017)
Higashino d18O + d37Cl ap and grt UNIBE done (2017)
Lafay d18O olivines UNIL done (2017)
Marger d18O + d11B tourmaline UNIL ongoing (2017)
Marin-Carbonne d56Fe minerals St. Etienne ongoing (2017)
Nabelek d18O + d11B tourmaline visiting res. started (2017)
Pape Mg-Al isotopes meteorites UNIBE done (2017)
Penningston Dorland d7Li in garnet Virginia Tech ongoing (2017)
Richi U-Pb monazite UNIGE started (2017)
Richter d18O Qz UNIBE started (2017), done (2018)
Rubatto U-Pb zircons UNIBE started (2017)
Rubatto U-Pb monazite UNIBE started (2017)
Rubatto d18O garnet UNIBE ongoing (2017)
Rubatto d18O micas UNIBE started (2017)
Siron Cl, F, OH in biotite UNIL done (2017)
Siron d37Cl biotite UNIL done (2017)
Speelmanns C and N isotopic ratios in melt ETHZ started (2017)
Tollan OH in NAM’s UNIBE started (2017)
Tomlinson d37Cl MI Dublin done (2017)
Troch d18O melt ETHZ started (2017)
Wang d13C diamonds SSEF done (2017)