Summary of projects in 2019, classified in 3 categories:

  • project finished in 2019
  • projects started (and not yet done) in 2019
  • ongoing projects in 2019 (started earlier)
 PI Type of analysis Affiliation
Gnos E. U-Pb monazite UNIGE
Spikings R. d18O zr UNIGE
Ewing T. U-Pb zircons UNIBE
Braga R. d18O  + d13C carbonates Uni. Bologna, Italy
Carichi L. U-Pb dating UNIGE
Jollands M. Depth profile, major elements, grt UNIL
Jollands M. Li-H inter-diffusion in quartz UNIL
Kouzmanov K. d18O  + d13C  calcite UNIGE
Baumgartner L. d18O  + d11B  tourmaline UNIL
Rubatto D. d18O   + U-Pb zircons UNIBE/Granada, Spain
Rubatto D. d18O   garnet UNIBE
Carrichi L. d18O   Qz, Zr, Gl UNIGE
Dingwell D. halogen in melt
Rubatto D. U-Pb zircons UNIBE
Chelle-Michou C. d34  in sulfides ETHZ
Putlitz B d18O    and Ti in quartz and d18O zircon UNIL
Leya I. K isotopes meteorites UNIBE
Pasquier V. Fe and S sulfur isotopes in pyrites Weizmann Institute, Israel
Guitreau M. d18O   and d30Si    in zircons LMV, France
Bouvier A.-S. d18O   and d30Si    in melt inclusions UNIL
Marin-Carbonne J. Fe and S sulfur isotopes in pyrites UNIL
Muntener O d18O   in garnet UNIL
Mojszis S. d18O   and d30Si   in Quartz Uni Colorado
Morlock M. d13C   and d56Fe   in siderite UNIBE
Dutrow B. d18O    + d11B tourmaline UNIL/foreign
Penniston Dorland S. d7Li in garnet USA
Diamond L. d18O    Qz (+ epidote) UNIBE
Hermann J. OH in NAM’s UNIBE
Baumgartner L. OH (dev) Al, Ti, Na, K, Li in quartz UNIL
Bégué F. d18O  + d13C  calcite and quartz UNIL / Mich. Tech.
Bernasconi S. d18O  + d13C  siderite ETHZ
Bloch E. Depth profile of trace element in garnet UNIL
Baumgartner L. OH, Cl, F, d37Cl, d18O in plagio + apatite UNIL
Greber N. S isotopes, OH, F, Cl apatites UNIGE
Müntener O. Depth profile, major elements, grt UNIL
Pettke T. halogens in minerals UNIBE