Summary of projects done or ongoing in 2021: (updated at the end of each year)

PI Type of analysis Affiliation
Balconne-Boissard/Bonifiacie d37Cl glasses France
El Khor A. d18O garnet UNIFR
Ellis B. d7Li in various minerals + MI ETHZ
Gabitov R. d34S pyrites USA/Russia
Giuntoli F. d18O Qz Italy
Guitreau M. d18O and d30Si in zircons France
Hämmerli J. d34S apatite + scapolite + pyrite UNIBE
Kouzmanov K. d13C and d18O calcite UNIGE
Lalonde S. d34S pyrites France
Penniston Dorland S. d7Li in garnet USA
Rose-Koga E./Jackson M. dD in glasses France
Rubatto D. d18O garnet UNIBE
Schaltegger U. S isotopes in pyrites UNIGE
Schaltegger U. S isotopes in apatites UNIGE
Adatte T. B isotopes foraminiferae UNIL
Beyssac O. U-Pb + d18O zircons France
Bloch E. Depth profile of trace element in garnet UNIL
Bouvier A.-S. d18O and d30Si in melt inclusions UNIL
Greber N. S isotopes, OH, F, Cl apatites UNIGE
Lanari P. d18O micas UNIBE
Leya I. Mg-Al isotopes UNIBE
MacCarthy A. d44Ca plagioclase ETHZ
Marin-Carbonne d18O quartz and barite UNIL
Marin-Carbonne U-Pb zircons UNIL
Marin-Carbonne J. Fe and S sulfur isotopes in pyrites  UNIL
Mezger K. Mg-Al isotopes UNIBE
Rubatto D. d18O in serpentinites UNIBE
Storck J. Zr isotopes UNIBE
Leya I. K isotopes meteorites UNIBE