Standards available

We are still strongly involved in standard development for isotopic and trace element analyses on minerals and glasses of geological interest.

Here is a list of reference material available in our lab:


  • International: NIST, MPI-DING, BHVO, BIR, BCR (trace elements, Li, B, O, Si, Fe isotopes)
  • In house: 5 basaltic glasses (d18O, d37Cl; 26Mg/26Al, 26Mg/24Mg), different glasses for water and dD

Note that glasses could be used as trace elements standards for some minerals (Trace element analyses are only performed if the project cannot be done by LA-ICP-MS).


  • Apatite (d34S, d37Cl)
  • Quartz (d18O, d30Si, trace elements)
  • Biotite (d18O, Cl, F, H2O)
  • Micas (d18O)
  • Garnet (d18O, d7Li)
  • Feldspars (d18O)
  • Albite (d18O, d30Si)
  • Pyroxene (d7Li¸ low and high Ca- pyroxene: 26Mg/26Al, 26Mg/24Mg)
  • Tourmaline (d18O; d11B)
  • Graphite (d13C)
  • Carbonate: dolomite, calcite, siderite (d13C, d18O, and d56Fe for siderite only)
  • Sulfide (d34S, d56Fe)
  • Olivine (d18O: Fo 74 – 98.5, d56Fe: ~Fo90; 26Mg/26Al, 26Mg/24Mg: Fo 76 – 99)
  • Monazite (except Ca-rich; d18O, U-Pb dating)
  • Zircon (d18O, U-Pb dating)