U-Pb protocols

After a few months of testing we are pleased to announce that U-Pb protocols have been revised and instrumental setup has been optimized for U-Pb ages. We can produce concordant, accurate and precise ages (within 1%) for zircon. Testing has been performed for ages from Miocene to early Proterozoic.

Monazite U-Pb dating has also been achieved with good precision. For this mineral however quality may depend on the chemical composition of the sample due to possible matrix effects.

At this stage, spot size is ~ 25 micron across (2 microns deep), and smaller spot sizes will depend on the age and composition of the sample.

We are at the stage where we welcome users (Master students to senior researchers) to propose project for U-Pb geochronology. For the next few sessions any U-Pb analysis will still be considered development and no charge will apply.